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Getting Started

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Step 1: Hiring an Agent to Figure out a Price

In today's market, selling your home for top dollar comes down to making the right decisions when listing your property. Everyone wants top dollar for their home, but the early stages of the selling process is what makes the difference.
Before you can even begin to think about what your home is really worth, you’ll need to hire the right agent. Licensed real estate agents have undergone extensive training to do what they do so they know more than others about the market and how best to get a home sold successfully. Hiring the right agent will give you access to the education and resources necessary to ensure that you get the most value for your home.

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Step 2: Shape Up to Ship Out

To make your home appealing to a buyer, it has to be inviting. Many buyers don't want put forth the effort or take the time to fix up a home. Getting your home in move-in ready condition for them will do a lot to speed up the selling process and bring in quality offers.
Part of getting your home ready for sale is making sure your home is as clean and clutter free as often as possible so you never have to miss out on showing your home to a potential buyer. Once a potential buyer has seen the house, they’ve seen it! And if they don’t like what they see, they won’t be back for a second look.

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Choose Your Marketing Strategy

Your home can't sell quickly if people don't know it's for sale. If you want your home to gain exposure, you’ll need to
  • take quality pictures of the inside and outside of your home,
  • allow agents to show your home to qualified buyers, and
  • advertise in places with known success.
When it comes to marketing, the most important tool you can have is a real estate agent because the most effective marketing is not directly to the public, but to other agents. By getting other agents interested in your home, your listing agent multiplies your sales force beyond just one individual.