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Step 3: Market Your Home Right

Marketing plays a huge part in everything we purchase. When you look through a magazine, or watch a television commercial, you are probably drawn to a certain product simply because of the way it is presented to you. In the same way, when your house goes up for sale, it is important to think about how you want your house to be presented.
Here is where having a good agent is crucial to your success in selling your home for top dollar. An agent from Abraham Legacy Realty will help you come up with a marketing strategy by…
  • helping you identify your home’s selling points,
  • ensuring your listing has lots of good photos,
  • advertising your listing to other agents, and
  • uploading your listing to a multiple listing service and the major online portals like Zillow, Trulia and Realtor.com.

Identify Selling Points

Every home has something about it that makes it beautiful or unique.
Some examples include:
  • natural light
  • a nice deck
  • a bonus room
  • french doors
  • a large front or backyard
  • a preferred neighborhood
  • access to nearby shopping, restaurants or entertainment
  • a great school district
  • a new roof
Make a list of all the things about the house that you think are good selling points so your agent can include this information in your property descriptions.

Take Lots of Photos

Wherever you advertise your home, whether online, in a magazine or in a newspaper, pictures are important. Buyers want a preview of what the inside and outside of a home looks like before they go out of their way to schedule a tour. If an advertisement for a home only has 1 picture or none at all, or doesn’t show the inside of the house, a buyer may think you have something to hide.
If you want plenty of good offers, give your agent permission to take several pictures of the inside and outside of the house so that the buyers who are paying a visit to your home already know they are interested.
Try to use a good quality camera, but if you don’t have one, a cell phone camera will do. Some pictures are better than no pictures, but more pictures is best.

Showcase Your Home on Social Media & Online Portals

When people decide they are ready to look for a home, the first place they look is online. Your agent will probably use social media and all the major online portals to advertise your home to potential buyers but don’t be afraid to advertise your home on your own social media accounts. One of your friends or followers may be looking for a home and you never know if they’ll be the one that closes the deal.

Multiple Listing Service: Advertising to Agents

When it comes to advertising a home for sale, the most effective marketing is not directly to the public, but to other agents. A multiple listing service, commonly referred to as the MLS, is a real estate agent’s one-stop shop for locating properties and getting in touch with buyers’ agents. It’s a huge database of listings that licensed real estate agents pay a hefty penny to have access to.
It’s so useful because it’s often the first tool a buyer’s agent will use to locate properties for a buyer. The buyer’s agent can “shop” for properties online, send the buyers a “cart” of properties and the buyers will then let the agent know whether they are interested in the properties or not. Thousands of agents access the MLS to find properties for their clients so you can be sure that if your property is listed in the MLS, you’ll receive plenty of requests to come view your property and consequently plenty of offers.

Allow Agents to Show Your Home

So you’re property has been advertised in print, online and via the MLS, and now you’re receiving requests to view the home. The best thing you can do is allow agents to give their clients a tour of your home, preferably in private, so that buyers can get a better idea of whether or not your home is the one they want to buy.
Appointments are great because they give you more control over the home-touring process. But lockboxes are better because it allows agents to bring their clients by your home without you having to always be there. If you aren’t staying in the home you’re trying to sell, definitely use a lockbox because you’ll get way more showings.
It’s always best to go away when the house is shown so your would-be buyers can imagine themselves living in the home without feeling like intruders. Leaving the house also gives them the freedom to discuss its pros and cons honestly without worrying about offending you.

More on Marketing Your Home

You’ll need to make sure your home is as clean and clutter free as often as possible so you never have to miss out on showing your home to a potential buyer. Once a potential buyer has seen the house, they’ve seen it! And if they don’t like what they see, they won’t be back for a second look.
Home staging is important. Whether you do it to take pictures to post online, whether you have an open house or whether you allow potential buyers to come view the property with their agents, home staging will appease potential buyers' senses and make them feel at home. 

Final Notes

Buyer Incentives
Offer the buyer extra reasons to buy your home over another one. Providing a home warranty or offering to help with closing costs are great ways to make your home stand out from the competition.
Home Buying Season
Your home will show better if you sell in spring than sell in winter and selling during the holidays could likely result in a lower sales price.
Open Houses
Only a small fraction of the homes held open are sold as a direct result of the open house.The person who eventually buys your home may be visiting someone else's open house so don't pin all your selling efforts on an open house.