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Client Information Packets / Folders

Our Abraham Legacy Realty client information packets are phenomenal resources for both agents and clients.
Agents can use the packets as a guide when performing the buyer or seller consultation. Clients can use the packets as playbook for navigating through the purchase or listing process. 
Each packet is available for download for free as a whole or as individual handouts. 
We also have ALR branded, professional, double-pocket, 3 prong folders with the ALR logo on the front and a slot for your business card on the front left pocket.  
If you’d like to order an ALR branded folder and/or a Client Information Packet customized to include your branding and contact information, fill out the form below to place your order.  

Pricing Structure

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How many folders would you like to order?
How many branded packet + folder combos would you like to order?
If you are ordering customized packets, please include the following information in the comment box: Name, Email, Tagline, Phone Number, Website, etc. Also, please indicate whether you have a logo you'd like to include. If so, please send an email to admin@alegacyrealty.com with your logo and the subject line: "Logo for Order"