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Corporate Care

FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

These questions and answers have been taken from the Corporate Care Partners website and adapted to specifically apply to Abraham Legacy Realty.
What is Corporate Care Partners (CCP)?
CCP is a holistic Employee Support Program, similar to an Employee Assistance Program. However, CCP is more personal and proactive. Corporate Care Partners, also referred to as Corporate Chaplains, regularly visit the work place interacting and building personal relationships with employees. In addition, they take the initiative to meet with and be available to all employees and their families building a face to face relationship, so therefore when a crisis arises, the employee has already put a face to someone with whom they already have a relationship - not a stranger.
What services does CCP offer?
CCPs are available for all employees, immediate family members, customers and suppliers. CCP offers a broad range of services, such as
  • personal visits to a hospital or jail,
  • personal encouragement by phone, mail or their home,
  • conducting funeral services, and 
  • providing materials or making referrals to a professional when needed.
Why does Abraham Legacy Realty provide access to CCP as a benefit to agents and employees?
  • 60% of employees have trouble focusing on their job tasks because of personal problems.
  • 90% of absenteeism is due to personal or family problems.
  • 87% of employees surveyed say they would work harder for a company willing to help them with their personal problems.
  • 65% of waking hours are spent in work environment – more time is spent with co-workers than family. Work is where people need to be cared for!
  • 86% employees surveyed say they believe in God, but 70% have no religious affiliation – meaning they have no spiritual support in the place they spend the majority of their time.
Employees face some very grave issues every day, and how employers respond to those employees during their greatest need is everything. It is Abraham Legacy Realty's goal to respond to these issues compassionately in such a way that ALR employees and agents know that their well-being and contribution to the organization matters.
I'm not a follower of any religion. How does CCP benefit me?
Chaplains provide spiritual and emotional care that adds value to a company’s greatest asset - employees - every employee, regardless of their spiritual beliefs, or lack thereof. CCP provides an Employee Care Program, based on the military chaplain model - a neutral, always available caregiver, which focuses on helping employees and families better manage basic personal life and work issues.
It is not an organized religious program, and promotes no particular religious faith, provides care for every person regardless of their race or religious conviction, and therefore nothing is done that violate religious discrimination, civil rights or privacy laws. Employee PARTICIPATION IS VOLUNTARY and all personal issue conversations are CONFIDENTIAL.
I'm an ALR agent/employee. When & where can I access this benefit and how often?
  • In Person: bi-weekly sessions on-site at Abraham Legacy Realty
  • Video: videos posted to our website and sent via the ALR Insider newsletter
  • Emailcorporatecarepartners@gmail.com
  • By Telephone: agents/employees can call any time to schedule an appointment or speak with the Corporate Care Chaplain
    • Phone: (321) 209-3637 or (407) 704-9566 (Mon-Fri 9am - 7pm)
    • CCP 24 Hour Prayer Request Line -- (PRA)Y32-9111 / (772) 932-9111